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Just a small selection of comments from our customers.

Charlotte Stamp

I started training with Rob about 3 years ago, wanting to lose weight after after my 1st child. I wanted to tone up but wasn’t achieving results on my own! Rob’s sessions are tough but he will never push you over your limits, but you will definitely see the results.
He also trained me right through my 2nd pregnancy adapting my sessions right up until 4 weeks before my son was born. In total I only gained 1st compared to not training in my first pregnancy where I gained 3st. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anybody!

David Corbyn

I started training with Rob in early 2014 to complement my tennis and swimming, and to build all round strength but, in particular, upper body strength. Rob is very friendly, which really helps to create a relaxed environment in which to train. However, he is also great at motivating you while setting tougher goals as you progress through your sessions.
From time to time, I suffer quite badly from tennis elbow, and Rob has also been great at adapting sessions/programs to work around this, without compromising on the intensity of the session.
If, like me, you aren’t a fan of going to/joining a large gym, or are unsure of how best to structure your sessions, I would strongly recommend personal training with Rob, as he creates a tailored fitness program to suit your fitness levels and goals, and provides a great atmosphere in which to train.

Neil Walker

I started to workout with Rob nearly 2 years ago, partly du e to my wife who was working with Rob too and was making real progress. I was working away a lot, constantly stressed with work and tired a lot. I was looking to change. I wasn’t sure I could do it, and thought PT was a young mans game.
I used to be very fit as a younger man and now at 41, I felt like all that was behind me now having all my time committed to work or family time. I was about 15 and half stone, not eating well and lethargic. I was cynical about PT, and if I’m honest, probably too proud to recognize that it was down to me and not anyone else. I started just to give it 4 weeks.
Now I am a straight 13st. I lost 2 inches off my waist and I’m the fittest I’ve been since 25, and that’s all down to Rob. It’s not just all about exercise; Rob really works you out, learns what works for you and helps you develop body and internal motivation at many levels. He develops and changes programs of exercise catered to you. This understanding is rare to find in a PT. He knows everyone is different and require different approaches.
This makes it an enjoyable experience, and it’s not just hard work and screaming, “come on”. Don’t get me wrong it takes hard work but today I look totally different, I lift as much as when I was 25 and I have bundles of energy.
This has improved not just my health but my outlook on life. Above all else, being fitter has given me a much more positive frame of mind, this has made my working environment much better and that’s thanks to Rob developing and pushing me to achieve and do more.

Charlotte Pratt

Having been told by my GP two years ago that I was overweight I decided to attend the gym and have a personal trainer to make sure that I stuck at the training. I managed to lose the weight and have been training with Rob for nearly 18 months.
My goals were to keep toned, fun, interesting and maintain my weight, which with the help of Rob I am managing to do. Rob makes the sessions fun and interesting but makes sure I work hard and to
my ability during these sessions, taking into account that I suffer from asthma. He always manages to keep me focused on my goals and encourages me to go that extra mile.

Monday        | 6.00 – 20.30
Tuesday        | 6.00 – 18:30 | 19.00 – 20.00 B-FIT Bootcamp
Wednesday | 6.00 – 20.30
Thursday      | 6.00 – 18.30 | 19.00 – 20.00 B-FIT Bootcamp
Friday            | 6.00 – 16.00
Saturday      | 9.30-10.30 B-FIT Bootcamp

Location: Anytime Fitness, Leeds, Moor Allerton Centre. YMCA Lawnswood.
**Please note all personal training hours above are subject to availability with all block booking/long serving clients taking slot priority.

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