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RCA Online Coaching

Our Online Coaching is high value coaching on training, nutrition, sleep, stress and mindset. We help and educate men and women to achieve maintainable transformations.

The process is very similar to face to face Personal Training – Except it all happens online via our bespoke RCA Training App.

Before we start training, a full consultation takes place to assess clients’ goals, taking into account their current lifestyle and habits as well as mapping out possible red flags that might be restricting them to make the change.

We then carefully plan the necessary steps for achieving the goal. Each client will receive a personalised training program and they will have our support throughout the whole process.

How does it work?

After the training plan is ready and training begins, you will have access to your personalised training program via the App wherever and whenever.

There are videos to guide you on how to perform each exercise safely and effectively.  If you ever have questions regarding the exercises, you can message us directly via the App.

We are easily contactable via the App’s messenger but we also provide additional check-in calls to assess where we are at with the plan. 

You can track your own progress, add measurements and pictures, schedule in your training days, and much more.

What are the benefits of having an Online Coach?

Instead of having just a generic training app with generic training programs, you will get programs that are specifically tailored for you.

You will have our support throughout the whole process. You can contact us as soon as a questions comes in your mind.

We will motivate you, encourage you and listen to you if you have any struggles. The fact that there are real people on the other side, who will know you and your goals, is what makes the difference.

We don’t just train people. We educate them. We provide the tools to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle covering all different aspects of training, nutrition, sleep and mindset which are all a huge part of the process.

RCA Online Coaching is a great option for those who can’t necessarily commit to specific training schedules, or, to those who already have the confidence to perform exercises independently. However, the videos via the training app are there to guide you through each exercise.

This programme is for men and women, who wants to change their body, mind and lifestyle.

What is the process to sing up?


You book a consultation where we will assess your current situation, goals and commitment. At the end of the consultation we go through the process with you, explaining how everything will work and answer any questions you may have.

Planning and preparation

 Once you’ve signed up, you will then fill out our questionnaire to provide more information about your health and habits. After all the formalities, we will start to plan your tailored training program and set everything up for you.

Training begins

Once everything is set and planned, you will receive an invitation to our bespoke Online Training App to set up your account and the training can begin! You will receive micro targets and instructions each week as we go along.

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