Personal Training

RCA Personal Training

RCA Personal Training is an educational journey to achieve not only your ideal body but to learn how to maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle in general.

It’s not just turning up at the gym to exercise. You will have a personalised training program that is tailored for your needs taking into account your specific goals and any possible restrictions you may have.

During the gym sessions, you will be shown how to perform the exercises safely and effectively.

Our training plans are based on the fact to allow people to live a realistic lifestyle without giving up on everything they enjoy. 

We will educate our clients on nutrition and how to balance their current lifestyle to be able to eat what they want – Even pizza.

We will educate on healthy habits such as sleep, rest and stress management, which are all a huge part of the process.

Overall, we don’t only train people on exercise. We provide the tools to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle covering all different aspects of training, nutrition, sleep and mindset.

Consultation takes place before any programs are planned. We get to know to client’s current lifestyle, what their goal is and map out all the possible red flags that might be restricting them to achieve their goal.

We provide support throughout the whole process via the RCA App, messages and even phone calls.

Bespoken RCA Training App

All our clients have access to our bespoken RCA Training App.

You will have all your training programs on the App which allows you to have easy access to them wherever and whenever. The App has videos of each exercise to show you how to perform them.

Via the RCA App, you can track your progress, add measurements and pictures, schedule training,  and much more.

You can also easily contact us via the App’s own messenger whenever you have questions or if you just want to chat with us.

What is the process to sign up?


You book a consultation where we will assess your goals, commitment, and your lifestyle. At the end of the consultation we go through the process with you, explaining how everything will work and answer any questions you may have.

Planning and preparation

Once you’ve signed up, you will then fill out our questionnaire to provide more information about your health and habits. After all the formalities, we will start to plan your tailored training program and set everything up for you

Training begins

Once everything is set and planned, you will receive an invitation to our bespoke Online Training App to set up your account. We will then arrange your first training day with us and the training can begin!

12-week Tailored Plans

*All sessions must be used within the 12-week period.

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