in the RCA Elite Program

  • Lose 12-24 lbs of body fat and learn how to keep it off
  • Build lean muscle and TRANSFORM¬†your body shape
  • Boost your CONFIDENCE and increase your ENERGY
  • Get TAILORED training program and nutritional guidance
  • ACCOUNTABILITY with weekly 1-1 check-ins
  • Be part of a motivating COMMUNITY

The prize includes…

  • 3 months of coaching in the RCA Elite program
  • 12 face to face gym sessions
  • Tailored training program and nutritional guidance
  • 1-1 accountability & weekly check-ins
  • Live educational webinars x2 weekly
  • Sleep analytic observation
  • Inflammation & gut health analysis
  • Access to the RCA Training App with 200+ exercise execution library
  • Access to the RCA Elite coaching membership portal
  • Access to our private Facebook network
  • Workshops, seminars and social events

The winner will be selected by the coaching team in relation to the best answer given on the form as to why you feel you should win the coaching. We will announce the winner on the 12th December 2022.