Ex slimming world client loses 20kg

Elaine had tried all sorts of diets including weight watchers & slimming world.

The issue was though, like many she would stop attending when she hit her target and gain the weight back that she had lost – and more in some cases. She was a yoyo dieter with no structure and no knowledge on how to lose the excess pounds for good and achieve the physique she actually dreamt of.

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Regular gym goes finally achieves his dream physique

“His level of communication is exceptional, his explanation for exercises is clear and concise. What I really liked about being coached by Rob is that he is not a coach that uses fancy fitness terminology to try and explain exercises; he communicates clearly and concisely.

Rob was always a message/call away if I had any questions.” …

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Yo-yo dieter loses half of her body weight

Kaye was struggling to get past a certain weight point and had plateaued for years. She had developed a poor relationship with both food and the weighing scales.

Thinking cardio was the only way forward after 2 years of struggling maybe this was the weight she “should” be.

Transformation that literally saved his life

Tom shifted 70lbs + and ultimately saved his life becoming the most confident he has ever been.

He wanted to get in the best possible shape for his own health and for when kidney transplant operation came around.