During the lockdown, Ali had lost her way a bit in terms of nutrition and training and was starting to regress.

I knew I had to do something as her coach. She needed a challenge… something that would excite her. We had a chat and we agreed upon setting her the challenge of doing a 6 week mini transformation. This would help her refocus during lockdown and help her improve her own body confidence getting her in the shape of her life.

With 3 kids at home, baking, some homeschooling, working part time as a teacher, a few birthdays including her own and a husband at home, we had a few challenges to overcome – But what transformation don’t?

Previous to this Ali trained for years doing lots cardio, Zumba, gym classes & boxing to name a few. She was first introduced to weights around 6 years ago with another trainer and has tried various different diets including shake diets and in her words “I knew it wasn’t maintainable”.

6 weeks into the transformation things were going really well and I asked her do you think you can push it harder and she said “yes”. So we extended it by 2 more weeks to finish just before her holiday.

In total the difference in her weight was only 2.4kg. The difference in her confidence and physique however is what’s the most impressive in such a short space of time.

The things she has taken away from this…


  • Frequency of sessions.
  • The importance of rest days.
  • How to lift with intention and purpose.
  • Strength not size.
  • Applying progressive overload to get that extra bit out.
  • Nutrition & the macros.
  • Calorie banking to be able to enjoy social events.
  • Indulging is allowed – it just needs to be managed.
  • Not being fixated on weight.
  • Measuring her progress via performance and photos.

“I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in! I am so much more confident and have more definition across my whole body but especially my arms and stomach. I even wore shorts on holiday and I haven’t been comfortable wearing shorts ever!”