Nina has always been considered as ”tiny”, her dress size being 4/6. Yet, she wasn’t happy with her body. Despite her small figure, she was carrying a fair amount of body fat and only a small amount of muscle.

The main area she wanted to improve was her tummy. She wanted to get lean and tone up. She wanted to wear her skinny jeans without having any wobbly bits hanging out.

Nina was training frequently, however, thinking she’ll only lose weight by doing cardio… As she wanted to have some definition to her body, it was now time for her to do weight training. Ideally, we wanted her to train at the gym, but due to lockdown, the first 14 weeks Nina worked out at home using resistance bands.

However, her training wasn’t the only issue – it was her nutrition.

Nina thought she was “eating relatively healthy” but when she started to track her nutrition, we found out that it was out of balance and in particular her protein levels incredibly low for someone looking to build lean muscle.

She was hesitant to start during summer because that’s when we tend to go out for meals and drinks, eat ice cream etc. She soon realised that she didn’t need to sacrifice any of this. Instead, she learned to manage her calories and balance her life. She went out for drinks with her friends, had takeaways, ate ice cream…

In 16 weeks, Nina lost 6.6kg (14.5lbs) and toned up the areas she wanted to. Clothes size may have stayed the same but they sure do fit better now! With the use of the gym, it’s now time to build some more muscle tissue to further improve the definition in her physique.

Nina said 

”I would’ve never imagined how much my physique can change with little tweaks to my lifestyle. Simply staying within my calorie goal and making sure I eat enough protein. I can eat anything I want, just in moderation. Doing regular weight training topped up with some cardio. Also, being consistent with my daily routine and making sure I sleep enough. It’s all about balance.”