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Get ready for the summer (and for the rest of your life) by taking your body & mind to the next level with coach Rob Abbiss!

STARTING 22nd March 2021

8-Week Ultimate



Get ready for the summer (and for the rest of your life) by taking your body & mind to the next level with coach Rob Abbiss!

STARTING 22nd March 2021

  • Do you lack structure and routine in your life?
  • Do you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise?
  • Do you second guess what, when, and how much to eat?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in your clothes?
  • Do you constantly feel tired and fatigued?
  • Do you just feel unhappy and out of shape?


Our Ultimate BODY & MIND Challenge is your chance to regain control of your life by taking your body and mind to the next level!

The challenge is for you if you are wanting to…

  • Have structure and routine in your life
  • Get motivated to exercise and move more
  • Gain invaluable knowledge around nutrition and improve your relationship with food
  • Lose weight and feel happy in your body and clothes
  • Have a group of like-minded people around you to support you on your journey
  • Feel positive, energetic, and happy!

This is not like any other quick-fix diet or transformation where you fall back to your old habits afterwards. This is a lifestyle change! The challenge is built around the four main pillars we coach on: nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindset.

This is your chance to be guided and supported by Rob for 8 weeks, learning all the essential tools you need for a sustainable lifestyle change whilst getting in shape!

The challenge is completely ONLINE so you can join us from wherever in the world you may be!

    When you join here’s what you will get:

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    Here’s what our challengers have to say from our previous challenges

    “I can’t believe how much my mindset has improved. The negative voices in my head have been replaced with positive thoughts and encouragement. 

    I’m the most active I’ve ever been. I believe in myself more than ever before, I didn’t ever think I could feel confident in myself. I actually enjoy getting up in the morning.”


    “Absolutely buzzing with my results! I have lost 7.7kg. I look like a completely different person compared to the photos that I took at the start. Also, I feel a lot more comfortable in my clothes. Nutrition was the biggest lesson for me. Before the challenge, I was eating way too many calories and my sweet tooth used to get the better of me. I have now realized how I can still have these foods and stay in control.”


    “I’m feeling stronger and I have more energy after this challenge! I feel less bloated and feel like I have lost some inches around my stomach. I am more aware of what I am eating now and I’m mentally in a much better place than I was before the challenge. It’s made things clearer and made me realize that everyone has off days, not to beat myself up about falling off track. And If I do fall off track, it’s just one day and to get back on track the next.”


    “I have a stronger understanding of how to manage my nutrition now. I can have foods I enjoy without worrying about them taking me off track as long as I have them in moderation. My mindset is in a much better place. I am more positive and look forward to carrying on all the new habits I have picked up as part of my new routine.

    The biggest lesson I learned during the challenge is to not try to fast-track yourself to your end goal. Do things gradually which will make things more sustainable in the long term. Slow and steady wins the race! I really enjoyed the challenge and the structure it provided to my daily routine.”


    “Before the challenge, I felt totally consumed by the responsibilities of work, home life, and parenting! Stress levels were high and I had told myself there was just no time for anything else, including myself. 

    It’s amazing what time you can find when you really want it! I’m still juggling all those other things but now I’m meal planning, fitting my workouts in, and getting out for a run which is so good for my mental health! Even though I’m now doing MORE than before, I feel less tired, less stressed, more energized, more positive, happier, healthier, stronger, and I’m more like ME again.”


    “Really enjoyed the challenge. I enjoy the gym and working out outside but can struggle when working out at home for motivation. This has kept me focused and shown me what you can achieve when you put your mind to something. The Facebook group has been great for motivation and the Coaching Calls have been very insightful.”


    “It’s been interesting to learn more on the different pillars away from nutrition and exercise. I have been derailed from many fitness and diet regimes, stress, injuries, etc. But this has taught me the importance of stress management and sleep too.”


    “I’m in a completely different mindset. I’m in control of what I’m eating and I’m drinking more water than I ever have. I’m exercising more than I ever have in my life. I am 100% in control!

    At the start of the challenge, I wanted to feel good in my jeans. I’ve dug them out after being in leggings and joggers most of the challenge… the waist! I need some smaller and as for the legs I’ve really built some muscle! Super chuffed!”


    “Having done slimming world for so long I have been so stuck in my ways. I would fill my plate with ‘speed’ and ‘free’ foods, never being satisfied and craving sweet foods all the time so I spent a lot of my evenings snacking, but wow, my cooking has changed! My portion sizes are much smaller and I’m actually full. We are enjoying new recipes and cooking has become enjoyable again.

    I loved learning the four pillars and how they all link to your success. Also learning I can have everything I want in moderation, is huge for me. I am 100% going to do the next challenge. I believe it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”



    You don’t want to be entering the summer feeling unhappy and out of shape.

    Now, there are no excuses with our 8-Week Ultimate BODY & MIND Challenge starting 22nd March 2021!

    For around the cost of one cup of coffee per day you can completely transform your life with the knowledge, support, and motivation the challenge provides! This could really be your chance to change for good.