Many people think lifting weights will make them big. Here are 5 reasons why this isn’t exactly true.

1. As you’re trying to lose weight you won’t be eating anywhere near enough the amount of calories you need. You need to be in a surplus to get big.

2. You’ll actually be burning off more calories. You see, by lifting weights regularly you’ll be adding to your lean body mass, which will increase your BMR (Basic metabolic rate). This increases the calories your body burns off whilst resting. So sitting at your office desk, relaxing, watching tv on the couch, sleeping etc.

3. Lifting weights is all about toning and shaping your body. Here’s an example of two weight loss clients wanting to tone up for you to see it for what it is. 

Sally goes to the gym 4x a week and just does cardio, she’s never lifted weights and carries very little muscle tissue so once she’s lost the body fat she doesn’t quite have the body she was hoping for, it’s not quite shaped how she would’ve liked.

Anne also goes to the gym 4x a week but she does 45-60mins lifting weights and then sometimes finishes a session with 15mins moderate intensity cardio. As her body fat is dropping she is building lean muscle tissue and her body is shaping nicely as she is also focusing on some key areas she wants to improve in her exercise plan.

4. One weights session won’t make you massive. A bit like “One salad isn’t going to make you thin”. If you’re worried about looking like a bodybuilder and having excess muscle, remember this – it takes years for these guys completing intense training and diet protocols to reach this “bulky stage”. These people are athletes and work incredibly hard to get to this stage, there is no way you will achieve this by accident.

5. Weight lifting is used to achieve many goals. You can aim to improve your power, performance, strength, endurance, shape, health, body image, and the list goes on. There are many reasons why lifting weights are important for your health and fitness goal. But for the majority we just want to look better, feel more confident in our swimwear or naked, have our clothes fit better, feel stronger, or have less wobbly bits. For goals like this lifting weights is a key component.

Weights won’t make you big.

Weights shape you, define you, give you confidence, give you strength, make you feel sexy.

The secret to having a tighter, more toned body is a muscular base.

How do you achieve a muscular base… you lift weights.

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