I see a lot of people start out on fat loss plans and they get told to drink x amount of water. Just like I tell my clients, however, unlike my clients the majority of people are not told why they need to be drinking this minimum amount water so it carries no real value to their goal and the target set is often not met.

So, first of all, if you’re ever told to do something and you’re unsure as to its benefits, always question it. Ask why? When you understand why you’re doing something you are more likely to do to it if you like the desired outcome.

Seen as though the desired outcome in this instance is the fact it will have a huge impact on your fat loss journey and increasing your performance its probably worthwhile hearing me out.

Water makes up, up to 60% of our body in total. With our brain and heart made up of between 70-80% water. If you are dehydrated even just a tiny bit it can dramatically affect your performance. Several signs you are dehydrated are feeling thirsty, feeling tired and lethargic, having a dry mouth, lips and eyes, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, constipation and if you have dark yellow and strong smelling pee too.

Something to note is that even if you believe you eat “healthy” it’s all good getting those nutrients on board, but if you don’t stay hydrated your body will struggle to extract and absorb those nutrients from the “healthy” foods you’re consuming. Not only does water carry nutrients around the body it also carries oxygen to our brain. Starting to realise it’s importance?

Ok, do you struggle with water retention? Here’s an awesome tip for you… drink more water. You see when you don’t drink enough water the body effectively enters a survival state of mind and begins to retain as much water as possible not knowing where the next drop may come from. This can result in water being stored outside the cells and often shows up as puffy skin more commonly see as swollen hands, feet and legs.

It is not uncommon that clients and people on weight loss journeys experience hunger feelings. Or even confuse feelings of thirst for hunger. Here’s a tip: next time you have this feeling drink a glass of water, wait between 5-10minutes and ask yourself if you’re genuinely still hungry? Or was it the fact you were just thirsty?

So, how much water should I be looking to drink then Rob?

A figure to go off is 1 litre for every 27kg of body weight. I picked this number up of my mentor Mark Coles and his team down at m10 on a seminar day and I still use it with my clients to this very day.