You know whats funny how many people do things on a weekend that don’t serve them and then they have the cheek to moan about how shit they feel the whole of the next week let alone the next day.

And then they go do it all again!

Look, before I start, I’ve been there.

Big social weekends letting loose having a hangover for what feels like months.

Until I realised one thing. That what I was doing wasn’t serving me or my goal.

It didn’t leave me feeling energised, confident, happy, refreshed, ready to start my upcoming week. It left me feeling shit if I’m honest.

Now, I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself you can still go out and have a great time without ruining your week.

But I am saying make decisions you’re truly happy with, decisions that serve your goal.

And as an adult stand up and take responsibility for your actions and understand that it’s you who is responsible for how you feel and the way you look.

If you don’t like either it most likely is because you’re making decisions that don’t serve the way you want to feel and look.

So rather than moaning about it which is what most people do let’s be honest, step up, take responsibility and make decisions that will take you a step closer towards where you want to be everyday, not just Monday – Friday.

Put your health first.